At Third day co-op we live by one simple mission: To get cannabis medicine to those who need it most. The cannabis industry has made significant strides in medicating patients throughout the world, particularly in the past several years; however there are many patients that do not have the resources to obtain this medicine. This is where Third day co-op comes in. We are a 100% self-sustained grow and distribution channel that gets cannabis to those that are most in need of this essential medicine and we never charge for our medicine or services.  If you live in the greater Denver area please contact us about becoming a patient.

"To get cannabis medicine to those who need it most"


Our Founder

Nik Alexander
Chairman / Grower

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My name is Nik Alexander and I am the founder of Third day co-op. Cannabis is something that I have used my entire adult and adolescent life and it has caused me much joy. Cannabis’ illegality was serendipitous for me; I am 39 years old and have been in the cannabis industry for many years. Cannabis’ illegality ironically has allowed me to enter the industry at an age that would bar entry to so many legitimate industries, allowing me to gain extensive experience at a very young age. With a background in volunteer work, sales, marketing, retail, design, advertising and cannabis cultivation I was passionate to move to Denver five years ago and pursue a philanthropic endeavor with Third day co-op. In running a non-profit co-op we are hoping to not only get medicine to patients who desperately need it, but we are also doing our part to help reverse the stigma that has indoctrinated so many people for so long about cannabis.

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Contact us / Become a patient

If you are interested in becoming a patient with Third day co-op please email us and let us know why you would be a good candidate. We are accepting applications from patients who wish to learn how to grow on their own as well as those just looking for a caregiver. We teach patients to grow so that they may become independent in growing their own medication. We are a state registered caregiver and can only take applications from Red Card holding Colorado medical cannabis patients.

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