Fitness, Health & Wellness. One of several ancillary markets within Cannabis, poised for success

The idea of health and a lifestyle of wellness has taken off in recent years in the minds of those who are tired of a sedentary existence. Since moving to Colorado a year ago, my business partner Nik Alexander and I have met some incredible people actively engaged in a lifestyle of wellness, including Cannabis as a central theme.

Break the Stigma Fitness

Started by Jennessa Lea, who transformed her life through Cannabis and a steadfast

focus on overall health, has started a unique way of including Cannabis as a crucial component for a balanced life. At her studio, people are encouraged to consume this medicine while participating in various exercises lead by many of her Canna-fitness compadres. Break the Stigma Fitness is effectively moving people off of the stigma of Cannabis consumers’ association with a lazy lifestyle. We can’t wait to see where Break the Stigma Fitness goes from here! Jennessa’s story is an incredible one and to learn more about it, check out what she’s doing at on Facebook,

Instagram @breakthestigmafitness, and MassRoots @fitcannabisgirl.

Marijuana Fitness Nutrition (MJ Fit Nut)

This company, started by Heather and Antonio DeRose, aims to awaken people to the

many benefits of Cannabis, while promoting a balanced physical and mental life. They both quit promising careers in corporate America to engage and advocate heavily with people for the legalization and many benefits of Cannabis and hemp. Nik and I had the fortunate experience of meeting them at the 420 Games in Denver this year and are ecstatic to see where Marijuana Fitness Nutrition is heading. I’ve only scratched the surface of their incredible journey. To learn more check them out at and find them on Facebook @ MJFITNUT Instagram @mjfitnut.

Get Lit Get Fit

This company, started by Makenna Maness, aims to also break down the idea that

Cannabis is somehow affiliated with a sedentary lifestyle. With a focus on healthy dietary

habits, an active life, and support from those around you; Get Lit Get Fit is engaging

people on a level of total nutrition, with a specific eye on the incredible benefits of CBD. Did I mention for every item purchased from her site, money is donated to get a medical patient the CBD crucial for their way of life? Incredible! Check out what she’s doing at and find her on Facebook, Instagram @getlitgetfit, and MassRoots @getlitgetfit.

We’re all waking up to the lies we’ve been told about everything from the food we eat to the medicine we should be learning about. And while men and women alike are moving this industry forward; it’s inspirational to know that those who truly hold the key to unlocking the truth and teaching capitalism a thing or two (or countless) about how business should be conducted are the BOSS women effecting real change in this arena.

Patrick Riddle is the author of this blog and co-founder of Third day co-op, which strives to get Cannabis Medicine to those who need it most. Check out their mission at

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