How These Two engineers are Looking to Create the iPhone of Cannabis Vaporizers

In a market where vaping weed means oil, and anything else is tobacco; vaping flower can prove to be a tough sell.

When Matt and Trevor met during high school in California’s Monterey Coast, they knew they wanted to work together in some capacity once they were out of school. Then, while attending separate colleges, they agreed that once done with school, they would start a business. As they were both very supportive of Cannabis, they started to notice a major point of opportunity in the market—and not just locally. In terms of vaporizing flower, easily the healthiest and potentially most convenient option for whole plant consumption, there wasn’t currently anything available that provided the ease and enjoyable experience that they wanted out of a vape.

So in 2013, after they had both moved to beautiful Boulder, Colorado they started Grasshopper. With a little capital raised from crowd funding and family contributions, they set out to build a product— with power and performance of the design being top of mind. At Hopper Labs, their office and design laboratory, they run the show. In a time where product functionality comes second, and sometimes third or fourth, to cost; Grasshopper is taking a very different approach.

Matt and Trevor approach the current design just as they did when they started. Their focus is on using only the most optimal materials available; ensuring the process, both from the standpoint of the manufacturing as well as the final use, is cutting edge. These guys look at the design of this vape with the same tenacity as engineers at Boeing or Rolls Royce would. With an unrivaled emphasis on composition and focused dedication to maintaining zero wasted space, it’s easy to see their passion come through in the final form. With product material options consisting of titanium or stainless steel, and a product that could be mistaken by even the most trained herb consumer for a high end writing utensil; the Grasshopper truly is a remarkable product.

Anyone who’s used a vape frequently, and even those with minimal experience, know of the issues with many of the products. One of the most common is finding a reliable, consistent temperature setting for optimal use. With dry herbs it’s even more difficult because, unlike oil, the consistency at which the product is heated up is not always uniform. So you run the risk of setting the temperature too low, effectively preventing you from getting a decent pull. Or the temperature is set too high and you’re left wondering where all your herb went. With the Grasshopper, heat settings range from 250 to 410 degrees with interim settings honed in like decibel volume settings on quality audio equipment.

The biggest issue they’ve run into has actually been from experienced vape users. Where most people approach a vaporizer delicately, knowing that if they pull too hard most products typically overheat and shut off— the Grasshopper doesn’t need this delicate touch. It’s designed to rip like you’d rip any blunt or packed glass. And speaking of glass, this vape can actually be used to hit right out of a bong. You just turn it on, stick the mouth piece in the bowl, and rip. And it’s still vapor that’s being consumed.

While this product is very innovative, it has had its share of issues. Not unlike any relatively new product, there have been some functionality quirks as well as total malfunctions that have needed ironing out over the years. But every product purchased is backed by a lifetime warranty. They also have a very seamless feedback loop starting on the back end of their site through any customer’s account. They can be reached with issues about the product immediately, and their response rate is typically within 24 hours.

Moving forward, the design of the Grasshopper is going to keep advancing, with Matt and Trevor pulling out all the stops if they feel that the functionality of this vape can be improved. While they haven’t quite tackled the material arrangement for their goal of a bullet proof product, they’re working on it. Nowadays, most products are built inherently to fail— with the goal of creating a continuous purchase cycle. Matt and Trevor stand vehemently opposed to this model. They build Grasshopper vapes to last, and ensure this with their guaranteed warranty. Amidst a time of cheap production, it’s incredibly refreshing to see these guys take an ethical stand. Needless to say, we’re very excited to see where Grasshopper is headed.

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