Cannabis is Chaos: bringing order to entropy

Sometimes when we’re curious, or inspired, we dive into some pretty bizarre ideas. If you’ve ever read the laws of thermodynamics, you’ve probably found that at least a couple, like Newton’s laws of motion, apply to much more than systems, energy, and disorder as they relate in some abstract experiment. They’re applicable nearly everywhere. The second of these three laws dictates that the entropy (chaotic state) of any isolated system will always increase. Cannabis stands as the best example.

In January Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole memo, a seeming middle finger to a precedent from the Obama administration that federal prosecutors would not use resources to interfere in legal state run Cannabis programs. President Trump responded in April, as reported by the Denver Post, with a promise made to Colorado Senator Cory Gardner that ‘he’ wouldn’t pursue federal action against these state-legal programs. Hesitantly, existing industries continued operating through the ambiguity.

On August 29th, thanks to an article published by Buzzfeed, it was revealed that the White House had assembled a committee for the sole purpose of compiling “data demonstrating the most significant negative trends about marijuana and the threats it poses to the country.” The DEA along with 14 other federal agencies were tasked with not only presenting specifically negative trends related to Cannabis use, production, and trafficking; but also to describe how it presented a threat to their department.

And now after a positively, albeit confusingly, progressive year, the FDA is allowing public comment on the topic of Cannabis abuse potential as well as medical potential. Specifically, they want to know how we believe the rescheduling of Cannabis away from its current title as a Schedule 1 Narcotic might look, as they will hopefully take legitimate consideration before the response to the World Health Organization. We have until October 31 to post comments on legitimate knowledge regarding the benefits of this plant. All we can do is try to compel those who can enact real change, to international law as well as research potential, to side with truth.

This plant has spent the majority of the most impactful and dynamic time in modern history in a state of total illegality. Unencumbered by the structured effort of industrialization and the confines of development, it has been naturally disordered. The entropy of any isolated system will always increase, unless outside forces work to maintain a control of the system. We’re at a time to take control of the most beneficial, resilient substance on our planet for the benefit of our planet—and ourselves.

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