What do you Care about Cannabis?

Recently, a friend and active reader of these blogs approached us about a common theme he noticed throughout our writing. He said that he not only enjoys the content, as a supporter of the entire idea behind Cannabis and specifically law reform, he totally and completely agrees with the subject matter. Only, his tone was a bit more critical than that comment may illustrate. What he was driving at was the fact that as an active supporter, of course he is going to agree with what this education looks like. While fact-based education shouldn’t have much opposition, he simply wondered if we thought about trying to speak more to an audience of people actively against these ideas.

This raises the question for us: who is really most in need of education and is there enough being done to ensure that the information is comprehensible for everyone? We’ve discussed the downfalls of such a tremendous lack of education before, but never with the question of who needs it most.

The more time we spend around Cannabis, especially in a part of the world where it’s really been given a chance to mature, the more we notice that the curiosity levels of those in non-legal states have increased. With Cannabis, the necessary education is far more extensive than a basic understanding of plant biology and chemistry. As a result, the gap between consumer knowledge and the development of new information is only increasing. While the Cannabis industry quickly moves to the national stage, the average person is being left in the dark.

The Farm Bill was just signed into law, effectively allowing hemp to be grown legally. CBD is the newest buzzword across the entire country and anything from gummy peach rings to tinctures are available from Denver to Indianapolis. This plant is here to stay and before it goes to scale, it’s in all of our best interest to absorb the best information possible. This will require more than just listening to the occasional soundbite and memorizing a generality in the hopes of not sounding stupid when the conversation comes up.

Truthfully, those still actively opposed to the idea of Cannabis law reform probably won’t ever change their minds. Active denial of information in order to retain a belief that may be wrong can be tough to let go. It is those who are curious, who may not have been before, that present the best potential for receiving new information. To answer this friend of ours, we are always open to feedback on how we are delivering information. Unfortunately, however, we’re never going to win the hearts and minds of those who refuse to learn anything.

In the next blog we will be discussing why CBD has so forcefully entered the national narrative and what it might mean for you, your friends, or your Southern Baptist grandmother.

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