Cannabis to a Pharmacy Near You

Ten years ago, most people even buying weed regularly hadn’t heard of CBD. While many people still haven’t, awareness is changing dramatically. So much so that CVS, one of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the country, will start selling CBD products in Indiana. And ten years ago, if you wanted to get high you had three options for a medium. There was a bong or a bowl, there were blunt wraps, and there were papers. Now you can unplug the flash drive from your laptop and pull on that thing until you’re higher than you’ve ever been. As the industry continues to progress it’s important to understand what it is we’re all being exposed to as well as how to consume it.

If you are in a place where these products are becoming available, there are a few things to keep in mind when investigating. For starters, the source of the material is essential. Not that the CBD itself is different, but the regulations on how that product is grown as well as what medium it was grown in could vary from place to place.

I’m not talking about something being grown “organically.” But because hemp is a phytoremediator, it can absorb toxic chemicals from the soil it grows in, so it’s helpful to know where those plants were grown. How the plants are processed and from what types of plants can also be extremely helpful. As we said, the CBD isn’t different but it being derived from industrial hemp makes for a process so inefficient that it doesn’t make environmental or financial sense to do. Hemp just typically doesn’t produce that much CBD, so if the products you’re consuming came from hemp—you might need to clarify the true levels of CBD.

Beyond just CBD, the product availability has increased extensively. In order to improve this education, we wanted to give a brief overview of qualifiers when purchasing some of the newer and more complex products. Next time, we’ll talk about the onset of concentrates and specifically what new information might be helpful when making a purchase decision.

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