Honor The Plant is an official sponsor of Third day co-op, their generosity has helped us to fullfill our mission to get cannabis medicine to those who need it most.

Thanks for checking us out!

My name is Kevin Craft and I’m a passionate grower and the Founder of Honor the Plant. I love designing and making grow products for the grow community! It’s like making stuff for my friends!

I remember 4 years ago I was so frustrated with the growing products available to me as a small home grower I started making my own grow bags in my garage. I really liked the grow bags I made and they made a difference in my grow room so I made some more for my friends. Then they told a few people and before you know it I was shipping bags to the best growers in the world!

We officially launched the company on Instagram from Kauai, Hawaii on October 19th, 2017. Check out our first bags here.

While I was in Hawaii with our co-founder Samy designing our products and working on the operations of the business, our other co-founder James Flint drove around the country with his dog Mojo introducing our products to the grow community. We made a lot of friends on that trip and plan to make more on future road trips!

Recently Jason (@jotaherb) joined the team to help us stay connected to the grow community! He makes a great Head of Community for us at Honor with his experiences as a home cultivator, social media enthusiast and tech guru. His passion for cannabis, enthusiastic support of the community, and love of educating others is a natural fit.

I can’t thank the grow community enough for helping us become a small grower owned company the last few years! My goal is to create a company that people are proud to work for and be part of. We start by paying fair wages to our employees and offering a quality product at a fair price to our customers.

We have some awesome stuff planned for the next few years!

Enjoy the Grow,

Kevin Craft - Founder/Grower